Electropermanent Magnetic Chucks

The patented (EPM) ElectroPermanent Magnetic chuck with solid steel top and squarepole technology is the perfect clamping solution for milling.

Each pole is surrounded by opposite poles (chess pattern). Hence magnetic power flows in X- and Y- axis. The current impulse for magnetizing and demagnetizing is very energy efficient.

By using fixed and mobile pole extensions the roughness of unmachined or bent workpieces can be compensated. Also a distortion will be prevented. 




All-around 5–side machining and distortion free clamping is possible in one clamp by means of pole extensions -> With given pole number the chuck can be covered with 3 x fixed and multiple mobile pole extensions for rough machining. If already machined side is clamped, then only fixed pole extensions may be advantageous

Set-up time is reduced to a minimum, hence an increase of productivity

Less vibrations for longer tool life and better process accuracy

Patented solid top resists best to hot chips and coolance and cares also for heat dissipation



Clamping examples with different pole extensions

Attaching of plugable pole extensions on the electropermanent magnetic chuck Magnaslot.

Clamping of workpieces on the Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck Magnaslot on pole extensions with stop bar

Application of an additional Poleplate with milled forms

Clamping of workpieces on an additional pole plate with milled forms.





Pole extension PMQ 50 solid


Pole extension PMQ 50 flexible


Controller D50

contoller pannel.png